Thursday, April 3, 2008

Semana Santa

Good Friday involves many solomn processions with men and women robed in black and purple.
Easter sunday involves colors and happy music in celebration of our Lord's resurrection

Amazing Race - Day 4

Okay so I'm not going to say anything about day 4, some things have to remain confidential!
But I will say the final race day was amazzzazing and the winning team was...
Sasha, Dan, Jasmine, Ceilidh and Tracy

congratulations guys
(photo of the winning team and their prize to come)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Amazing Race - Day 3

We began day 3 with team cheers, followed by mind benders. To end we had a miniture triatholon - a swim, a three legged race and then a sprint.

The three legged race

the swim

anticipating the passing of the baton
Jasmine and Shay

Ninja Monkey's sharing their team cheer
Jasmine, Sasha, Dan, Ceilidh, and Tracy

Team Oos! sharing their cheer - are they doing the "worm?"
Delacey, Charity, Elanor, and Jennifer

Amazing Race - Day 2

Day 2 began with kayak races - Anna, Joel and Shawna

Sasha, Kelsey and Jennifer
Oh and then to Poptun for the beans and tortilla eating contest...
Shay, Shawna, Andrea, Tim and Lynelle
Great facial expressions guys!
yes... she ate it all!

Amazing Race - Day 1

Day 1's race began in Tikal and ended in Flores... with stuff in between...which is confidential!

Steve with the finish line mat


Shay with a tarantula

All the guys - Stephen, Dan, Joel, Brad, Ben, Sasha, Tim, Delacey, and Justin
Charity, Tracy, Anna, Leah and Shay modeling in the "ball court" - the ball game was a gruesome sport usually involving a sacrifice at the end

No we didn't see any jaguars - too bad
Temple I from the top of Temple V
The whole group in the Grand Plaza in front of Temple I
Lynelle and Jasmine on top of Temple II looking at Temple I

Semuc Chempey - God's Waterpark

Rob Cahill our fearless guide through the cloud forest of Alta Verapaz and Semuc Chempey - here jumping from the tree branch


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mukbil ~Ha

Tubing down a river through caves with huge windows above

Friday, March 21, 2008


In Semesche we were able to spend a couple of hours playing with the children. After that we moved into host families! The remainder of our time there we helped with the reforestation project - filling bags with dirt.


Kelsey, Jasmine, Elanor, Anna, Joanna and Charity


Last week in San Juan del Obispo

The whole group in front of the San Juan welcome sign

Canada vs. Guate - chicas vs professoras

chicos vs. professores

writing the final test

Joel, Charity and Anna giving a speech at the graduation

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Volcan Pacaya

Whoa lava!! and fire! what's the fire from?

Carolina roasting a marshmellow

the chubby bunny contestants - Charity, Ben and Steve

the cone of Pacaya

the fire... was the gnome! the birthday gnome is gone!!

Knowing Yourself - Xocomil

Xocomil - the water park where we learned how tough we were!

the mat race - 136 steps up and down in a matter of seconds!
Jasmine, Ceilidh, Elanor and Lynelle

Joel and Tim on the half pipe!

Candice, Tim, Kelly Sam and Heidi on our way down the raft slide

Shay, Justin, Anna , Delacey and Ben

Ummmm.... hold on!